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We offer many pool services including but not limited to:

Pool Cleaner - Swimming Pool Cleaning

When cleaning a swimming pool, there are two approaches that need to both be taken. Physical pool cleaning will involve brushing the walls, cleaning the filter traps & skimming the surface. To use chemicals to clean the water in your pool, consult the information on Use, on the back panel of the product.


Pool Repair - Swimming Pool Service

Some minor pool repairs can be done by you the owner. A faulty pool vacuum will often have a small object stuck in the unit that is easily removed. Vacuum lines and filter tanks may have air trapped in the system, caused many times by a clogged filter basked either at the side of the pool or at the filter. Chemical imbalance is the cause of most green pools and can be adjusted quickly with proper attention to get you back in your pool. Some pool cleaning chemicals, like chlorine powder shock, need to be used in specific weather conditions that arelisted.

Many other problems can be easily taken care of by our professional pool service men. Contact us to find out how beautiful your pool can be.